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Roofing Tips Guide For Homeowners In Southern Maine written by Dave Deschaine.

I have dedicated this website to helping homeowners learn about having a roof installed. I do understand that it can be stressful when you're first getting estimates for new roof, and most people really don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for new roof. The fact of the matter is that having a new roof installed is not cosmetic this is a necessity to make sure to protect the wood structure that you live in, but also all your personal assets inside - Visit Our YouTube Channel Here

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Here is a short list, and tip about having a roof installed but make sure that you have written checklists of some important questions, and here is a list of items you should be looking for - Here Are Some Great Roofing Tips:

  1. Before getting any estimates you should make sure you have financing available or cash available.
  2. Ask around to friends and people you know that it had a roof installed recently for referrals.
  3. Look online for some roofing contractors locally, and read the reviews those contractors.
  4. Look in the phone book and see if you can find a phone number and verify address.
  5. Schedule a meeting with at least two or three roofing contractors that you choose.
  6. Make sure you get a copy of their insurance, references of local jobs completed and call them.
  7. Verify they do have workers compensation and liability insurance **very important to have both**

Then go through the estimates, and make sure that everything the roofing contractor you chose are bidding on the same quality, and that the insurances are the same. Call the insurance companies to get verification that the insurance is valid this is valid, and that there coverage is active - Check The Policy And Call The Insurance Company

Roofing TipsThen once you go through these estimates and you verify that quality products is good, and insurance coverage is valid you can proceed through the final decision on who you can choose. At this point you should really look at the colors to make sure that the body of the home is, reflect the color of the roof.

Roofing Tips - For Home Owners

If there's a color that you like in a roof style that you like, call the roofing contractor that you leave his, be the one you choose and ask if they have any colors of the roof you like that you can look at locally. Drive by and look at the homes to make sure that that color looks good, and that's what you want on your home. At this point you are ready to make the call to the roofing contractor you have chosen, and schedule another meeting to sign the agreement and make your initial deposit if required or roofing financing documents.

Roofing Tips- David Deschaine RoofersRoofing Tips- David Deschaine Roofers

Some good roofing tips about the contract are make sure there is a start date, and a finish date on the agreement. The roof job should only take about 2 to 3 days to complete. The shingle color should be added to the agreement, and a complete written scope of the job should be spelled out clearly. Sometimes it may require installing new lead flashing on the chimney, and make sure that this is included if required. If there is wood that needs to be replaced please make sure that that is written in the agreement, and how much additional charge would be.

Home Owner Roofing Tips - Before Estimate

When installing a new roof you should make sure to have proper ventilation in the attic area to help against ice dams, and remove some of the excess moisture from your home. A lot of times the soffit's will not be able to be ventilated at the same time is the ridge vent, and that's okay because the older homes really did not require as much ventilation because it would not built this tight is the I today. In remember that the natural buoyancy of heat in the attic will escape to the Ridge, heat rises to the top so will escape at the ridge board. If you want to make sure you're getting the best quality roof installed call me Dave Deschaine and I will make sure that you get the best roof, and the best quality products available. I really look forward to working with you and call me personally if you have any questions.

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I hope this roofing tips guide will help you, and give you some free information about having a roof installed on your home - "Keep Out The Rain - Call Dave Deschaine"

Roofing Tips Guide - Dave Deschaine

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