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Massive blizzard 2013 in Maine is one of the biggest storms to hit the coast line in years, and this is and has been compared to, as a record stormed back in 1978 which devastated the local economy up and down the East Coast. Maine homeowners are buckling down during this blizzard in 2013 which is dumping massive amounts of snow, and homeowners are having a tough time digging out from these huge drifts. The storm was expected to be one of the biggest in the last 25 years, and is expected to continue over the next 12 hours which started Friday afternoon is expected to keep blizzard like conditions for the next 24 hours. Insurance companies and talent homeowners to get their roof shoveled, and Maine roofers all over the state are experiencing high call volumes to help assist homeowners from having their exhaust vents covered up from there heating sources, and also from gas vents from propane fired burners.

 Blizzard 2013 MaineBlizzard 2013 Maine

Maine homeowners will be digging out from the blizzard 2013 for the next 24 to 36 hours, and everyone has been preparing for this massive storm. We currently get anywhere from 4’ to 5’ feet of snow of the year during the winter months, the last few years snow fall has been low or well below average. During the past week weather meteorologist have been preparing and informing the local community to be aware of this potential risk, and in 1978 the blizzard snow storm we had killed over 100 people in the Northeast. The best part of the storm is that it’s not heavy wet snow so the chance of power outages, down power lines or any heavy wet snow related issues will not happen.

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The ski resorts are experiencing the best fluffy white powdered snow that they can have on the trails, and they can use this to pack down this fluffy white snow and it’s great for skiing. It’s similar to the type of snow that they make with their snow-making systems, and this snow guns which create a fluffy type powder but is also a little bit icy once it’s exposed to the sunlight. So this is a present to the local snow related industry that needs snow to sell snowplows, snowmobiles, 4 x 4 trucks, snow blowers and any other snow related industry that needs all works was snow equipment to succeed.

Insured Maine Roofer Shoveling Roofs

Nevertheless the 2013 blizzard here in Maine is going to be fun the biggest recorded in history, and now that we are hitting the middle of the storm people all over the country I got to read about this one. The storm was created by two low-pressure cells combining into one and spinning in feed off each other and dumping between 18” inches in 24” inches in southern Maine, and in the southern Portsmouth New Hampshire area up to 24” to 36” inches is expected. Northern Maine is not expected to get quite a blast or being hit from the heavy density of white blizzard like conditions, but a long drawn out 36 hour. Which still is expected to dump over 12” inches of snow in the ski resort areas, and if you haven’t skied this year this will be the best time of the year to get up there on the mountains and enjoy beautiful wintertime skiing here in Maine.

roof-shoveling-maineShoveling Roofs

Remember homeowners if you guys have heavy snow on the roof call us today because we have roof shoveling services, and we have an emergency roof maintenance program that will protect your largest investment along the coast of Maine, and your insurance company want you to shovel your roof so make sure you do that before you have interior water damage from this 2013 blizzard in Maine. Call rate now 774-9200 or visit our website for a Free Online Estimate.

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