Maine Roofing Blog With Dave Deschaine

Maine Roofing Blog With Dave Deschaine

I have dedicated the Maine Roofing Blog to homeowners here in southern Maine who may need some information about protecting their home from old man winter. Most homeowners don’t understand how much snow can actually way on the roof, and what type it damages this can do to your home structurally.

Roofing Maine With Dave Deschaine

My name is David Deschaine and I would like to thank you for visiting our blog frequently to protect your home and get some great free information about roofers. and some of the techniques we use as roofing professionals. over the past 25 years I have hired and learned more about installing a roof which I always bring to every estimate I do. You as a homeowner want to make sure the roofing contractor you hire has experience for homes we have here in Maine – Check Out Some Of Our Customer Reviews.

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Tips From The Maine Roofing Blog

Just like any other business we explore all the different options and roofing materials which can add durability and long lasting beauty to your home. we have been to the manufacturing plant in inspected how shingles are made, and what will last the longest on homes here in southern and central Maine. When you hire David Deschaine in his professional roofing installers you can be assured that you will only get the best installation methods, and the only proven David Deschaine installation system which Dave has handpicked all of his people to bring over install your roof.

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as a homeowner you want to be careful and do research to make sure that what you’re purchasing is exactly what you want. That’s why David Deschaine has set up this Maine Roofing Blog to help you with any other questions you might have or comments which you can add at the bottom of this page. We have been advertising on television for many years and have served thousands of satisfied homeowners here in Maine.

 Ongoing Credential Maine Roofing Contractors

Having a roof installed is not just about shingles it is about the workmanship, and the extended workmanship guarantee which we include in the CertainTeed sure stopped action program. What that is is we offer the best Select Shingle Master warrantee so you can relax as a homeowner, and the ultimate roofing methods of the integrity roof system.

Maine Roofing Blog - Select Shingle MasterWe install the recommended starter shingles and the Winterguard underlayment that Certainteed recommends with the roofers select or diamond deck which is a synthetic underlayment and then install the high quality roofing shingles. As part of the Certainteed sure start plus you will have the upgraded when warrantee which is rated for up to 130 miles an hour. now we also have the three-star coverage, or the four-star coverage, and the best which is the five-star coverage. The three-star coverage is a 10 year which  is not prorated which covers material labor for up to 20 years.

Maine Roofing Blog With Dave Deschaine

Now only our credentialed company has the Deschaine installation crew that updates with our ongoing credential requirements from the Certainteed manufacture. Now we are able to offer of a four-star coverage which extends the non-prorated coverage in this is materials and labor for up to 20 years. Now why have created this Maine roofing blog is for one reason and this is to help homeowners understand that we have very high standards in the roofing industry and we offer the four-star coverage, and the five-year sure start plus which extends the workmanship guarantee up to 50 years which includes materials and labor. Notice warranty doesn’t stop here it includes non-prorated coverage 50 years, materials and labor 50 years, and tear-off with disposal in the workmanship is backed up by Certainteed the manufacture.

Maine New Roof  - SureStar Protection Plan

what you should really do when you choose a professional roofer is ask yourself one question, do you want to do this roof twice, and I know that sounds foolish. We are the most qualified installers in southern Maine, in our product knowledge in fully insured workmen should be the only thing you are concerned about when making your buying decision. I’ll workmen are fully insured and established with multiple levels of training which includes ethical conduct in our primary focus on you the customer.

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All of the workmen that we have as part of the select master program with Certainteed have passed the MSA course which is master shingle applicator. This is a very comprehensive roofing training program which you should know we take very seriously. Our stringent credential requirements have forced us to make sure and monitor every level of the roofing installation method. Certainteed’s roofers track record covers the periodical 50 point roof inspection to monitor the quality and integrity requirements to make sure you get the very best.

Maine Roofing Blog - David Deschaine

We look forward to working with you in installing your new roof thank you very much for reading our Maine Roofing Blog with Dave Deschaine.

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