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Maine Roofing Contractors need to follow OSHA regulations because of the steep pitch roofs we have here in Maine, the way the OSHA laws are written that any employee working over 6 feet is required to use some type of fall protection. Typically the employer will use a guard rail system with safety nets on pump jacks, or they use a personal fall protection arrest system – protecting you against and issues from workman injuries.

Maine Roofing Fall Protection Systems

Maine Roofing Fall Protection SystemsMany times when you’re working on homes the residential construction seems to be a lot different than commercial construction, but the same laws do apply. Unfortunately the laws have been so unforced over the last few years that most roofing contractors do not even use fall protection, and if you drive by 10 roofing jobs in progress you’ll probably see that no one is using any type of fall protection – Listen To One Of Our Customers.

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Another important OSHA requirement is the use of hoists on the job site, and what that means is there needs to be a system that carries materials up to the top of the roof. The old days were you carried the bundles up a ladder, and sometimes people would get injured while carrying these bundles of roofing materials. Those days are gone, you need to maintain a three point contact with the ladder at all times, if you’re carrying something you are not holding on with both hands, and this is an OSHA violation and could cost you up to $1500 per incident – We use make sure you are protected with safety and insurance.

Maine Roofing Personal Fall Arrest Systems

Maine Roofing Personal Fall Arrest SystemsAnother one of the requirements on a residential roof replacement is the need for eye protection, hardhats for all of the workmen working below the roof. And this means anyone that’s on the job site down below to protect them from anything falling from the roof. Also you need to wear those safety glasses, and that has to be in access ladder to the roof and the top of the ladder has to be three rungs above the eave. Each one of these violations could cost thousands of dollars, and each time there is another incident the fines multiply.

OSHA Requirements Using Ladder Hoist

Maine Roofing ContractorsAlso any of the workmen that working around the job site needs to have a controlled access zone, and needs to be wearing some type of protective jackets that can be seen from long distance like a reflective jacket, and also wearing a hard hat to make sure that no one goes into the work area unprotected. The new standards prescribed by OSHA to require fall protection and all the criteria that employees need to follow while using a fall protection system – Call Dave Deschaine For A Free Estimate.

OSHA Requirements Using Ladder HoistOSHA Compliant Fall Protection Systems

We have always subscribed to using OSHA compliant fall protection systems, and we do use all of the required staging and a ladder hoist which carries the bundles up onto the roof. But one of the things I don’t understand is why other contractors feel the need to call OSHA just because they are the competition. Dave Deschaine Roofing has always been honest, and up front with the homeowners to help them through the stress of having a new roof installed, and we try to make sure that you are comfortable with all aspects -but most importantly to let you know that we’re going to the very best job possible for you so call and talk with the best Maine Roofing Contractors.

OSHA Requirements - Dave Deschaine Roof

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