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Maine Roofing Tips from one the most influential roofing contractors in southern Maine, and we always want to help homeowners uncover problems ahead of time before the project begins. We will come out and do a complete roof inspection and give you some tips about which is best for your home. We know there’s a lot of roofing contractors out there that want to just come out and sell you the lowest price products, and try to say there is good is Dave Deschaine Roofing South Portland Maine.

Learn Why Good Roofers Cost More Money

The fact of the matter is we have been in the business for so many years, they are just trying to grow their business and say they do the same thing Dave Deschaine does, and that’s okay because they have to start somewhere they really don’t have any reputation. Our fantastic reputation has earned us the opportunity to serve more homeowners in the southern Maine area as one of the premier roofing contractors in greater Portland.

Maine Roofing TipsYou Get What You Pay For – Hire The Best

Some roofing tips that I would tell homeowners is make sure you feel comfortable with the person you’re going be doing business with, and shop around to find the best quality products and services. Please don’t go by price only, my name is David Deschaine and I have seen so many people by the roof of low price, and then there call me back asking me to come fix what the other roofing contractor did. And I did offer our services and we go over and help any way we can, but the best thing to do is to check references, call the insurance companies to verify that this insurance coverage available. But most homeowners don’t understand that workmanship is not covered by the insurance coverage, and it’s up to you to make sure that they do quality work.

Searching For A Qualified Roofing Contractor?

Another important tip is to make sure these guys wear fall protection, a lot of people won’t do roofs and if someone slips off the roof and gets injured you might be held responsible if something goes wrong. I know a lot of these roofing contractors come out and say they are fully insured, and if you look at the insurance binder and see liability insurance only you may be exposing yourself to unwarranted risks. Another good tip is to go to some home improvement centers and take a look at the shingles, notice the difference between architectural shingles and three Shingles. get yourself familiar with grip edge, roofing underlayments and what the best ventilation is for your home.

Roofing Maine Wiith David DeschaineWe have been working help and homeowners and given them all the free estimates, and showing them the different products that I cannot outperform some low-end products for years. The best Maine roofing tips that I could give this to look at what you’re buying, not a just a low price that may be on the contract. We all want to save money but you don’t want to have to do this project twice, and most roofing contractors will come out give you a price, and then leave, personally I would like to sit down and meet with a contractor and look at the products, to find out why I’m buying not just look at the price.

Maine RoofersThe best roofing tip of all can be summed up in just a few words “Good Isn’t Cheap – Cheap Isn’t Good” now I’m not saying go out and spend money that you don’t have to, but think about this doesn’t a good auto mechanic get paid more than a bad auto mechanic. Doesn’t well respected high-quality Doctor get paid more than a new intern Doctor? just protect yourself hire the best and the very beginning and it’s can save you a lot of pain and misery in the long run – Dave Deschaine’s Maine Roofing Tips

Maine Roofing Tips  - Dave Deschaine

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