Maine Winter Roofing

Maine Winter Roofing has always been one of our challenges coldest part of the year, but we do prepare only make sure the were there for homeowners just in case a They need us when things go wrong. Most people don’t think you do roofing in the winter, and that used to be true years ago because of organic shingles. But with today the technology has allowed us because of the fiberglass matting, and the saturated asphalt that is mixed was lime dust, instead of stoned dust the shingles now more pliable.

Maine Winter RoofingWe Do Maine Winter Roofing

Roofing in the winter is actually a good time to do roofing, and I know that sounds crazy but the shingles do not get scarred up, in the temperature Isn’t that bad on the roof. typically will find the temperature is at least 50° Upon on the roof deck, and once you start working physically your body temperature begins to rise, and actually shed some your clothing. We do wear hooded sweatshirts, and required undergarments which I made for sports players who are used to being in the cold weather, and this really does not become an issue once you get started the day.

Roof Shoveling Service From David Deschaine Roofing

Most homeowners appreciate it was there for them when they start have ice dams, and once roof begins to leak from the ice dam they want that fixed immediately, and So does the insurance company. you can be assured that once we started job even when it’s in the main winter roofing we stay until the job is completed. Or if we do good snow storm between a job we will shovel the roof and prepare walk areas around the house with snow-blowers to make sure we can clean up all the shingle the debris.

Winter Roofing Maine

When we do Maine Winter Roofing we also offer our springtime cleanup, after the snow has melted to ensure that all if any nails have been cleaned up. At this time will inspect roofing job again to make sure that everything was completed, and if there’s anything that needs to be done will address that at that time. all of our roofing technicians a David Deschaine are some of the best you’ll find in southern Maine.  for over 25 years we have been through the deepest snows the harshest winters, and the ice storms that cause water damage. We also want make sure you understand that we will be there if the power goes out, and you need service immediately – we also install metal roofing.

Roofing Winter MaineRoofing Winter Maine With Dave Deschaine

Our customers are very important to us, and especially during the main winter when you’re roof begins to leak from snow or ice dams, and especially if it’s an emergency and you need someone there immediately. We do offer our roof shoveling services that most of our clients choose to do on a yearly basis, and especially feel the slow pitch roof because the Maine Winter Roofing does take a beating here along the coast.

Maine Winter Roofing - Dave Deschaine roof

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