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Hello this is David Deschaine Maine’s Roofing Authority writing to you today from my home office where I just completed four estimates. I was looking over some pictures and I really liked what the guys were doing today, and am so proud of the high quality workmanship these guys provide. Let’s face it I make the promises, but my crews delivers on them, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Cape, Colonial, Garrison or Ranch when you see my crews, and how fast and high-quality workmanship these guys provide you will know what I have been in business for so long.

Learn Why We Are Maine’s Roofing Authority

Some people don’t like a job well I actually do, and every time I come out to the job site to see how the crews don’t, and occasionally I’ll bring coffees and donuts will show up. But when I do these guys have working like crazy, I mean I have never seen any roofing crew that performs with such gracefulness, teamwork, and high quality roofing installation methods, I would challenge any roofing crew in southern Maine with these guys. My roofing crew is known as Maine’s Roof Authority, and when you see our television commercials or roofing infomercial you will get a glimpse of what we can actually do.

Maines Roofing Authority - CertifiedMaine’s Roofing Authority – Certified Roofers

Many people claim to be roofing contractors, and we fixed a lot of those problems. Well we actually have to replace the whole roof because the terrible workmanship, but we always provide homeowners high quality service they need which is going to protect their largest investment. I received calls every day for people that need roofs replaced, and we try to take care of everybody as quickly as we can. Understand with so many calls a we do get we can also enlarge our crews at any time, or team up to a three crews to handle large home, or condo complex. We can take care of any size residential roofing project, and do it with efficiency, high quality methods but also taking care of your home. We moved lawn furniture or the barbecue grill that may be around the base of the foundation.

Roof Replacement In One Day

Maines Roofing Authority - Ontime Delivery

Most of the roofs that we replace on residential homes are completed within two days, and and most of the time on small homes we can complete them in one day. Like I said we do have a lot of people in our roofing contractor network so we can really bring together a team of roofing specialist quickly, and most of these guys who worked with us for at least five years or more. I’ve been in business for over 25 years and I have acquired some of the best talent in the local area, and like any business when you run a business long enough you find the best, and we have the best roofing technicians in southern Maine.

David Deschaine Is Maine’s Roofing Authority

We hang tarps from the walls to protect your windows and siding, but also we put tarps on the ground, so we make sure to get all the roofing nails cleaned up after the roof is installed. We also use a magnet at the end of the job that picks up any loose nails that we can’t see or get caught up in the grass, and also the saves on flat tires in the driveway. We do invite you to see why we have been called Maine’s Roof Authority for years.Maine's Roofing Authority - David Deschaine

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