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why metal roofing cost can vary from different products, and what is the difference from a hidden fastener to expose fastener or standing seam roof. Here in Maine because of the all the snow that we have people looking for solutions to protect their homes against ice dams. Because we are professional roofing contractors we always want to make sure we include the required amount of ice and water shield on typical asphalt roofs, and offer high temperature underlayment for the metal roofing systems.

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Typically homeowners will think that all roofing systems are the same, and that metal roofing costs are only different because the contractor charges different pricing. The fact of the matter is when it comes to metal roofing costs there is a huge difference between the different metal systems. I want to start off by telling you when you punch holes through the metal roofs and use an expose fastener, you will have that many chances of leaks. Expose fastener screw metal roofing systems require that you first drill holes in all the panels, and typically will be to foot on center on every other rib.

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Think about this how many screws does it take to screw down panels to a roof, typically we use 100 screws per 400 ft.² of roof. If your home is 1600 ft.² that means they’ll be at least 300 screws that are installed through the roofing metal panels. The problem is that the washers on the screws are only guaranteed for a certain amount of years. They are nice neoprene gasket with a fine threaded screw in a wide washers the top of the screw, and this does last for many years and the washer does shade the gasket or the rubber washer from the ultraviolet light from the sun.

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Now the difference from the metal roofing cost of exposed screws compared to hidden fastener is that the metal itself covers over the screws. I just like it sounds the screws are completely hidden in there is no chance for leakage because the screws are covered completely by the metal roofing panel. The problem with this is that it does cost a lot more money to form and shape these panels, and uses very specialized tools that hem the panels together. Not only does this increase the metal roofing costs because of the specialized equipment, it does require some additional training for the roofing contractors, and requires additional training, specialized tools, and a metal roofing machine which fabricates these panels which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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Now on the other hand some metal roofing contractors or the panels factory direct, and is no need for on-site fabrication of the room our roofing panels. But the ship these panels from the factory to the job-site is very expensive, and requires wooden crates and also shipping fees. Either way this can increase the metal roofing costs substantially, and all of these fees shipping have to be included in the cost of the job.

metal roofing cost free estimateA David Deschaine roofing contractors we always want to tell you everything up front, and we include all of the associated fees, product costs, insurance, and our standard business expenses that require us to do the job correctly. Now most of the metal roofing cost can be absorbed with doing high volumes of roofing, and what I mean by that is when we invest in a metal roofing machine the cost can be absorbed for the purchase by doing as significant a number of jobs. Give us a call today 774-9200 or complete our free estimate form here on the website and will be glad to come over measure your roof, and give you a comprehensive breakdown and detailed estimate see you can make an informed decision and get all of the metal roofing costs for roofs here in Maine.

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