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Questions about Metal Roofing In Maine, Well If you’re like most Maine home owners you are fed up of ice dams, and most people today are beginning to look at metal roofs. The best part of a metal roof is the snow and ice does not stay on your roof will, typically slide off quickly. We have an ice dam it can cost you a lot of money, and your insurance company will only pay for damage once usually. The demand has been heavy and phone calls many which indicates people today I’m really leaning towards the metal roofing systems – Watch This Video To Learn More


Your home will look great with a high-quality metal roof installed, and there is many different style available. Can get a shingle metal roof, exposed fastener or screwed through the roof or what everybody wants a standing seam metal roof. The best part is you will not have to shovel your roof during the winter, but you will have to make sure you stay out from underneath the roof when it clears off.

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We have now promoting Everlast metal roofing in Bridgton Maine, and the product is made locally in the manufacturing plant. We did take a tour through the facility and found a high-quality products we were looking for, and we are partnered up with Applicators Sales And Service Inc. to have these product shipped directly to you our customers homes.

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When you work with a local manufacturer who produces… Directly into manufacturing plant here in Maine, we will have the ability to get additional materials needed to run short on the job. In this powerful partnership with Everlast & Applicators Sales And Service Inc. not only ensures timely delivery but also quality service long after the sale has been completed. We have been working with applicator sales for over 20 years, and your business is very important to us and make sure that everything is perfect on your new metal roof – You Can Get A FREE Metal Roofing Estimate Here

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Typically we will remove the old asphalt roofing before we install high temperature underlayments, and at that time you create flashing kits for around the chimneys or any other extrusions through the roof. At that time we will work with the selection you have made and install your brand-new beautiful metal roofing system. Our reputation is very important to us, and so is your business so call us today at 774-9200 or visit our online show room at

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