Preparing Your Maine Roof For Snow & Ice

Preparing Your Maine Roof For Snow & Ice should be well your top priorities when you getting ready for the winter season. Though this doesn’t require too much planning, but you should get a roof rake and a ladder or make arrangements with the roofing contractor like David Deschaine, to make sure when you have the heavy snow-pack or heavy snowstorms to clear their snow off your roof.

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here in Maine we do put up with a lot of harsh environments, and heavy snow, ice storms, heavy winds off the Ocean and what we call the old-fashioned nor’easter. you know the storms 4050 miles an hour within snow all around your home, the kids watching TV to see if there the day off from school. But the most important party at home up top is the roof, and that’s why you want to make sure when you have your roof replace to install ice and water shield, and have the roofing technicians factory trained or are credentialed from the manufacturer installing by real Maine Roofers.

Best Maine Roofers Snow - David DeschaineDuring the winter the shingles go through some of the worst environment imaginable, and with the contraction and expansion ratio from the heat inside in the cold outside is going to be some condensation of vapor barrier between the two materials. Some people think that they should insulate their roof, but in fact you should insulate the living space below the roofline. The attic area or your attic crawlspace should be the same temperature as the outside at all times.

Preparing Your Maine Roof For Snow & Ice

Your attic should also be well ventilated to allow that excess heat to escape from the attic, and how that is accomplished is by having what is called soffit vents, and install a ridge vent or gable invents to get the CFM’s to move through your attic area. This will allow the attic to breathe make your home more comfortable but also save you money from your heating and cooling cost. most manufacturers actually void the warranty if you don’t have the proper attic ventilation so when you’re preparing your Maine roof for snow & ice should make sure to have all the proper ventilation to protect your home against ice dams with the best Maine Roofers.

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when you hire the roofing professionals at David Deschaine we will make sure to include all the required systems, in which the manufacturer wants to keep your warranty valid for the duration of the roofing shingles. this is extremely important and a lot of other contractors will not give you the information you need, and what needs to be in place for you to be preparing your Maine roof for snow & ice.

preparing your Maine roof for snow & ice - Dave Deschaine roofing

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