Residential Roofing Specialist Maine

We are the residential roofing specialists along the coast of Maine, and our roof technicians are local Maine roofers in only do work on residential properties. When you hire David Deschaine roofing and siding South Portland Maine you will have one of the most reputable home improvement contractors working on your home. We have years of combined experience with all of our installation crews, who have a proven track record of completing jobs quickly, professionally with the best warranty in the business. You as a homeowner want to make sure that all the factors that are important for the roof replacement of your home, many smaller companies will only go out in find the cheapest quality products. This does not sound like the best solution for long-term durability, yes if you’re looking to just put a new roof in the home, and may be selling it and not having to worry about long-term leaks maybe that’s what you should look at, but if you want a quality job we are the guys to get the job done right.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Residential Roofing Specialist Maine

The first thing you should do is contact the Better Business Bureau and check out some real reviews, because they do the background checking that some of these other so-called online review sites do not. Your home is your largest investment; typically most of your equity will be kept into your home during the later part of the years. You want to make sure there is a strong warranty in place that covers anything on your roof like, manufacturers defects, the workmanship of the installation, a roofing material that is non-prorated so won’t go down in value and 10 or 15 years. Plus a warranty that covers both the tear off of the old roofing shingles if that needs to happen, and then pays for the reinstallation of the new roofing shingles should something go wrong with your old roof.

To All Roofing Companies Offer This Type Warranty In Maine

The fact of the matter is hardly any roofing companies offer much more than a one year warranty, and then they hide behind the phone, or email if they have one. Our warrantees clear everything is included, you materials, the labor and backed up of the strongest warranty that Certainteed can offer. If you call us we are there to help you, plain and simple and that’s why would than a business so long over 25 years. You know the name David Deschaine Keep Out The Rain, Right? I ran a commercial telling everybody we are not the lowest price in town, all people said we must be expensive. That is so far from the truth because we are probably one of your best prices available, Just Not The Lowest! Our roofing technicians are local Maine roofers and they demand more money than minimum wage, and our installation crews are some of the finest local Maine roofers available.

Maine Roofing Service Workmanship