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Roofing Estimate In Maine with your hosts David Deschaine, and I have dedicated this blog to help in Maine home owners who may be thinking about buying a new roof, or just have some questions to help them through the process of investing in a roofing system here in southern ME. I do understand that when you’re ready to buy roofing can be stressful and the decision you make can be a lasting one. We have all heard of the contractor horror stories, and working with a company that’s been the local area for a long time is probably your best bet. Just to keep in the back you mind I have heard this so many times “Dave I wish I would’ve hired your company to do my roof ”.

Roofing Estimate In MaineGet A Roofing Estimate In Maine

Okay let’s get started, and number go through a real and non-salesman type presentation that offers a lot of informative information about roofers in general. Most of us guys start out just install the roof and then our business grows and we hire other people do the work. And it’s great but have you ever notice that nobody cares is much as you do, and one of all heard the I don’t care I did pay by the hour type thing – that’s where we come highly recommended by the CertainTeed manufacturing. David Deschaine roofing installers take a very comprehensive course along with on-the-job training to become a master shingle applicator which is a very high credential in the roofing industry.

Dave Deschaine Roofing EstimatesDave Deschaine Roofing Estimates

Then our manufacturer CertainTeed keeps track of all the people that we do work for with their exclusive five-star protection coverage program, and what that is is a you will get the extended workmanship guarantee through David Deschaine but also endorsed with the CertainTeed manufacturer directly. This gives you the benefit of knowing that not only David Deschaine will stand behind all the work he had done but you get an ironclad guarantee through CertainTeed that will last a lifetime.

We Are Maine’s Roofing Authority

I’m sure you understand that when you hire someone that is good at the work they do it will cost more because these guys expect more money, and it’s just like anything else if you pay the people well they got I do a good job. If you try to cheat people, or nickel and dime them out of that money you not going to get the result you want. These are not my beliefs but it happens, we all know if people don’t feel like a getting what they deserve they just don’t do a good job, and they always feel as though you all them.

Your Home Will Have The Best Roof In Maine

Roofing technicians take great pride in the roofs they install, and just like any good mechanic that works on a high-performance car, or a doctor who does what this topic surgery he expects to get paid well. Your home is worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your roof is the most important part of your structure this protects everything. Don’t you want to make sure that you only put on the very best, and no it’s not a brand-new kitchen cabinet the you use every day or see every day, but the roof quietly protects everything you won’t inside the home and the property structure from water damage every day – call Dave Deschaine today at 774-9200 and go to your free estimate form online schedule your appointment.

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