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Roofing Scarborough Maine is one of the best places to install Roofs, and I actually grew up in Scarborough in when told schools and no most of the people in the local area. You know when your getting old when you start replacing Roofs you did 20 years ago.

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We have done so many roofs along the coast of Maine and most of them through out the Scarborough area With mostly being residential homes and some small businesses. We Specialize in Residential Roofing in the Scarborough Maine area, and most of the homes along the coast in Prout’s neck, and Higgins Beach with the wind driven rain and snow typically take it quite a pounding from the ocean. We always take precautions and add extra rice and water shield which is a powerful underlayment against the standing snow and ice From the winter storms we get here.

Residential Roofing Scarborough Maine

Most of the fields that I remember on  The Fog Road, and Black point Road and not to say all that pits that are now housing developments with waterfront property have really made the town of Scarborough a beautiful place to live. Most of the people that we work with in Scarborough have been there for at least 10 years, and we have done a lot of work for their friends and neighbors. You Receive The Lifetime Guarantee Roofing Shingles

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I do understand that people trying to save money and we will do the best we can to offer the highest quality products at a reasonable price, but quality products do cost money and experience Roofing technicians, will want to get paid a little more money than just a single guy doing A roof once in a while. We have all heard the horror stories and I’m sure your peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars. Not included why costs do the job the second time around. Always work with A professional it’s Worth IT!

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Scarborough Maine RoofingScarborough Maine Roofing Requires a certain amount of Care to be taken to protect the property surrounding areas, and protecting any waterfront Beauty. We really take pride in all the rooms that we do and I remember doing so many jobs in Scarborough, and the backwoods of Scarborough off the Homes Road, and also I can’t forget the old Eastern road which we used to ride dirt bikes all around the area.

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All of our installers take great pride with all the installations we do, and I have some guys that have worked for me for over 15 years. Really that’s unheard of in this industry, and all of the workmen a covered by workers compensation, and public liability insurance so your home will be protected in case something goes wrong. I don’t know if you knew that if you hire somebody to work on your property that you might be held responsible, if somebody gets hurt while performing work to your home if you don’t have an umbrella policy or the worker does not have workers compensation insurance in place. We have everything you need, and you won’t have to worry about anything!

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Now not try to scare anybody that’s looking to have a new roof put on in Scarborough Maine, but I would strongly recommend that you make sure that the person you hire has the proper insurance in place if something does go wrong. as I’m sure you understand when somebody falls off the roof its catastrophic, and there is so many lawyers today that want to sue that you might find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Roofing Scarborough MaineMaine Roofing Scarborough Water Front Property

Anyway my name is David Deschaine and of installed files the roofs in southern and central Maine and I would be proud to work on your home so please give me a call today or fill out the free estimate form here on our website, and you can pick a time that works for you but will I to meet with all homeowners during the appointment just so we can go over all the information to make sure you get what you want and the exact metal roof or asphalt Roofing Scarborough Maine.

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