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Vinyl Siding In Maine David Deschaine can give your new and updated look, and we can build you a new deck put in new energy efficient replacement windows. Your home is your largest investment why would you ever take a chance with a contractor who offers just the lowest price, and does not go over everything like you want during the estimate for your home. We understand people always shopping for the best price, and that may be so some things. But just like a good mechanic our carpenters and siding installers are some of the best craftsmen in greater Portland Maine area.

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Vinyl Siding In MaineWhen we do a complete vinyl siding installation we will do custom metal wraps around the windows and doors. This will not only save you from painting your window casings but also will help you with what we call our super energy wraps. What that is its custom metal that is been around the window casing and then ban on to the wall, and then we use ice and water shield over the top of the Windows to stop any water from penetrating behind the siding. This is a step that many contractors will avoid to try to save money, but it’s crucial to make sure that the J channel above the Windows is watertight.

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We have done thousands of roofing jobs, siding jobs and we will make sure to bring all that knowledge and experience to your home. Isn’t that what you want when you hire a vinyl siding installer a company you can trust that’s going to be quality workmanship, and you not enough to check on things all the time. I have seen many people install vinyl siding, but when you’re not looking they may not do the best job, only which you can see and that’s not the way you want. Our company strives on professional siding and roofing installations with only the highest quality workmanship that will last a lifetime.

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Typically we will either use Tyvek house wrap, or fan fold insulation over the existence siding. Then we wrap all the windows doors soffit and fascia with aluminum trim coverage which will eliminate you ever having to paint your home again. Paintings a waste of money, and it only holds value to the next paint job. Years ago painting on the exterior was all those available, and now with these high-quality vinyl siding that looks like cedar shingles, real clapboards painting a house is really thrown you money away.

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I know painting contractors and I asked him don’t you feel guilty painting people’s homes, and all they say is I don’t care. And that really upsets me because I do care about what I do for my customers, and with high-quality vinyl siding, trim coverage, building new decks or installing new windows and doors your homes, going to look beautiful but is can be more energy efficient and save you money. Isn’t that what you want, and I made sure to put vinyl siding on my home when I built it, I don’t want to have to paint every couple years, and then have to replace the siding because it rots in between paint jobs.

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Vinyl siding is a long-term product, that is maintenance free does not require any type of service other than simply spraying off your home with the garden hose. Like I said vinyl siding comes in cedar shingles in these look just like wooden shakes, and if you do not go up to the house in touch them you would not know the difference. The clapboards vinyl siding we use is an impression of a real cedar clapboard, it has the wood grain and looks beautiful. We only offer high quality products because we want your home to look as good 10 years from now as it looks it was first installed, so make sure to call us when you’re ready to have new Vinyl Siding In Maine installed and we will take care everything. Click on the banner below to schedule your free vinyl siding in-home estimate or you can call our office.

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