Estimate Roofing Costs In Maine For A New Roof

Estimate Roofing Costs In Maine For A New Roof to damage and deteriorate in performance over time. Leaky, shabby roofs not only lead to major problems such as structural damage and molding, but also hamper the aesthetic beauty of a building facade. However, you have no other option than to replace or renovate the same. Replacing an old roof can be significantly expensive, and largely depends on the size and type of materials used.  With consequential amount of money involved, you cannot afford to run errors with your estimate. Fortunately, there are scores of web based applications that help to estimate roofing costs for a new roof in a simple and accurate manner.

Estimate Roofing CostsHow to Estimate Roof Cost Online?

With the fast paced technological advancement today, there are a plethora of online applications that make the job of a homeowner or a contractor immensely easier. Since new roofing involves gargantuan amount of investment in terms of time, effort and money, any sort of wastage should be strictly avoided. For the same, developing an effective and affordable roofing budget is imperative. Furthermore, a slew of factors such as the shape and size of the roof, roof pitch measurements, labor cost, material cost, repair or additional work done, and cost of accessories and equipment, etc. that play an inevitable role in making your roofing project a success should be closely scrutinized. However, this is a laborious job, and the chances of ending up with erroneous estimates are high. To make the job simpler, there are several software applications available to help you estimate roofing costs effortlessly. Here are certain guidelines on how to go about the process.

  • Firstly, you need to measure the shape and size of the ground level of your home using a measuring tape. It would be easier, if you have blueprints of your house since referring to it to find accurate measurements would be far less cumbersome.
  • Next, calculate the total square footage of the ground level depending on the measurements you have obtained in the previous step. If your house is box-shaped, you can simply multiply the length of the ground level by the width to get the square footage.
  • Now, browse online to obtain information about the most reliable and popular online roofing estimator that helps in getting accurate roofing costs. In the dropdown fields, mention the vital details of your roof and home, such as roof pitch, square footage and type of materials you are planning to use. Specify your zip code, and click for calculating estimates. Your comprehensive cost estimate appears on the next page, depending on the area you are in.
  • There are also other web based applications online that can help you estimate roofing costs based on different types of roofing materials. This is most appropriate when you are looking for affordable roofing materials. Simply by mentioning the dimensions of your roof and other details, you will obtain the price estimates for different roofing materials.

Eliminating Waste of Both Time & Money

roofing estimate MaineOnline roofing estimators make the job of calculating cost and inventory exceptionally simple and quick. Moreover, you are ensured of the most accurate, reliable, and competitive cost estimate for your roofing project.     

Roofing Estimate Maine – Methods of Calculating Roofing Cost

If you are planning to build a new roof or renovating an existing one, you need a comprehensive idea about the cost involved in it. Importance of having an aesthetically beautiful and high-performance roof cannot be underestimated, and there are significant home improvement activities and costs related to it. Having a reliable and accurate roofing estimate Maine can help you in managing your budget, while minimizing wastage in the most effective manner. With state-of-the-art developments in the construction industry, different types of roofing solutions have emerged lately. Read on to learn more about how to calculate the roofing financing for different types of materials.

Method of Roofing Estimate

First calculate the pitch of your roof. This is determined by how much the roof rises vertically for each horizontal elevation in foot. To calculate this, mark a specific spot which is at a distance of one foot horizontal from the roof base. From this spot, now measure the vertical distance to the underside of the roof base. You will get a right angled triangle, with the distance from roof base as triangle base, the distance from underside of the roof as one side, and a part of one side of gable roof as hypotenuse. Next, calculate the ratio of the distance from underside of gable roof and base length. Square the ratio, and add 1 to it. Lastly, calculate the square foot of the number.

Roofing Estimate To obtain the final estimate, calculate the square root number with the total area of your house in square feet. Multiply per square rate of the roofing material to conclude with the total roofing cost estimate.

Cost Comparisons for Roofing Materials

Here is a cost comparison for different roofing materials that will help simplifying the process of roofing estimate Maine.

  • Asphalt shingles – This is the cheapest of all, and can cost around $7,700 – $8,400 for a single-storied ranch house.
  • Tile roofing – These are stylish, durable and rot free, and are available in different materials. Ceramic tiles for a simple one storied building can cost around $16,000 – $17,000.
  • Wooden shingles – Wooden shingles look elegant as roofs in homes, but require lot of maintenance. If fire resistant, high quality material is used, it can cost around $15,600 – $18,900.
  • Slate roofing – This is a long lasting roofing material, and about 3,000 square feet of slate roofing can cost $97,000 – $120,000, depending on the type of slate material used.
  • Metal roofing – Metal roofs are lightweight, fire resistant and rot free. If steel is used, a single storied ranch style house will cost around $8,100 – $22,000. However, it costs $26,900 – $39,200 for aluminum and $45,500 – $59,600 for copper metal roofing.

Additional Costs Replacing A Roof In Maine

In addition to roofing material costs, the total roofing estimate Maine also includes the shape and size of the roof. There are certain additional costs like rebuilding, repairing or reinforcement, along with labor cost that can add up to about $1,000 – $10,000. Rather than relying completely on your contractor, getting personally involved always pays off more (but do not micromanage and trust the contractor you chose to hire). With an accurate roofing estimate, you can complete this chapter in the most affordable manner.

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