Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime Warranty

Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime Warranty and who else could it be but David Deschaine, which he is now offering some of the best warrantees in the state. Dave is always use CertainTeed brand roofing products which are the best in the Northeast, and we will continue to offer the strongest shingle guarantees. This new shingle product guarantee has been has been upgraded from the existing roof shingles in this gives homeowners a much better product that will protect their largest investment.

Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime WarrantyDavid Deschaine Offers The Best Warranty

In 2010 the manufacturer upgraded the shingles from a 30 year to a (B) lifetime warrantee on the landmark roofing products, and with a five-year shore Star protection we can actually offer fifty-year guarantee laminate shingles. This is great for homeowners in southern Maine because of the strong winds we get off the water, and the mini micro-bursts storms of popped up over the last several months. We have found that when the winds reach approximate 60 miles an hour they can really do some damage to homes all over town, and really on the waterfront properties.

Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime Warranty

Typically we set up a roof installation we always include full coverage ice and water shield, and new drip edge, and we try to use a colored drip edge really good to go with the shingle. for instance will use brown drip edge with the brown shingle, a light-colored drip edge with a light-colored shingle, and a mill finished drip edge with a neutral color. Either way we always try to use our experience with every installation to make sure that the roof really looks fabulous with your color selection, which should complement the paint or siding color of your home. A lot can be said about experience, when you add the right color roof to enhance the architectural character of your home. Click On The Free Estimate Banner

Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime Warranty - Roof EstimateWith thousands of satisfied homeowners in the Southern Maine area, and the extensive research that we have done to find only the best roofing products, which included going to the manufacturing plant and seeing how these roofing shingles have been made. We always want to be able to answer any the questions about the enhanced lifetime warranty shingles, that we now offer as a standard roof installation to all of our customers.

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So if you’re ready to have your roof replaced, and you are located in southern Maine we invite you to contact us so we can go over all the options for you, and show you what the best guarantee can do for your home. Also we will let you see the warrantee paperwork that David Deschaine your Maine roofer offers lifetime warranty.

Maine Roofer Offers Lifetime Warranty - Dave Deschaine roofing

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