David Deschaine Private Pilot

David Deschaine is now a private pilot, I still smile when I say that. Over the last 15 years my life has changed dramatically, and the incredible opportunities that have presented themselves make me grateful every day.

David Deschaine Private Pilot

Once I took to the sky in an airplane my life changed again. Truthfully I was not looking to be a pilot at all, I just wanted to get my approval for the FAA so I could use drones to capture video and photos for my roof jobs. But once the adrenaline started pumping when I was inside the cockpit I knew this is something for me.

David Deschaine Private Pilot

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I enjoy spending time with my family and now I bring family members and friends up in the airplane with me to let them enjoy a different view for a moment. Our lives are so busy we don’t get a chance to just stop and look around for a minute. Maybe it’s just a midlife crisis for me but I now don’t take the small things so seriously, and really enjoy the small things that we all sometimes overlook or take for granted.


We are truly blessed to be in this great country that we all live in, America is an incredible place to live. We can do what we love and make money doing it, starting your own business has never been easier for the power of the Internet. Thank you for all the people that have blessed me with work from my roofing business. Every day I enjoy meeting with clients and helping them get the new roof or vinyl siding package they want.


Roofing may seem like something most people would never want to do, I have been doing it for 25+ years and I still enjoy the sales aspect of the job, then bringing in my incredible work crews. But the most rewarding part of my job is when the job is completed and the customer gives me that look of accomplishment and complete satisfaction. It Just Never Gets Old 🙂

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I know it can be scary making a decision to spend thousands of dollars, and I do everything I can to help you relax while you make your decision. Many people feel that they need to get more than one estimate, and if I was working with people I didn’t know I would too. But luckily when you call me I have thousands of happy customers so you can feel confident about making the decision to buy a new roof today. No High Pressure – Just A Free Roofing Estimate


After our meeting I will give you a free estimate for your new roof, and if you want to get other estimates I do want to stand, and if you feel comfortable with the price and would like to get the work scheduled we can do that also.


Thank you again for reading my blog and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Dave Deschaine Master Roofer

David Deschaine Private Pilot

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