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maine leaky roof

We are the roof leak maine experts and will find the problem with your leaky roof. Do you know the name David Deschaine because he keeps out the rain and we will find that pesky leak. Sometimes water finds the smallest hole, and will go to the lowest point of the structure like the exterior wall.

Leaky Roof – Repair Needed

maine leaky roof

Our roof leak pros will inspect the roof, do in our leak valuation of the current roof and conditions and then bring the photos or pictures to you for your inspection. Our six point inspection includes evaluating the roofing material, then we inspect all of the roof extrusions which include skylights, wall flashing, chimneys and stink pipe boots. (Pipe Boot #1 Leak Issue)


Then we check the current condition of all these to ensure a watertight seal, if we notice any cracks and a rubber gasket or caulking we will take care of that immediately. We also will look at the age of the shingles to see the expected life for the current roofing materials. These are estimated lengths and we would like to know exactly how old the roof is if you have any documentation.

FAST Roof Repair Service

We will also inspect the ventilation to make sure your home is not sweating with condensation, sometimes the moisture inside the home will create water droplets on your ceiling. Our roof leak professionals will also inspect your soffits to see if you have air flow which is very helpful to create a cold roof deck and that helps during the winter months against ice dams.

roofs leaking in maine

Overall our roof inspection will help isolate your roof leak for your home in Maine, and can send a roof technician to your home quickly to fix your roof leak. So give us a call today at 774-9200 or visit our website at

leaky roof maine

Do I Need A New Roof ??

We also do complete roof installations if you know you need a roof so give us a call or schedule an appointment on our website by clicking this free estimate form.

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