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Spring Roofing In Maine with Dave Deschaine, and I would like to welcome you to my blog. In the springtime it is the best time to install a new roof, and the reason is because the flowers I just starting to come up after the long winter. The roof deck is not as hot like it is in the middle of summer, and that does allow the roofing installers the benefit of being more comfortable. And while most important issues is handling the roofing materials in the cool weather’s is better, and while install the shingles the chance of the grit or the granules on them roofing shingles will not get scraped off….. Watch This Video To Learn More

When you’re installing roofs in the dog days of summer the shingles of very soft, and they could get damaged if the proper stage and is not used. We always use roofing brackets, and roofing planks that allow workers to install the shingles correctly, but also safely. When we do install new roofs we use all the recommended staging necessary, and we always use the best safety practices during this dangerous job. When we send over crew they are fully equipped with all the necessary stage in required by OSHA, and we also use ladder hoist it carries a roofing materials up to the roof.

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Spring Roofing In Maine Dave DeschaineThis is very important to make sure that the workmen do not get injured during the roofing process, and we do have workers compensation, and public liability insurance that does cover the workers would also you in case something does go wrong. Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs you could do, in our insurance premiums also reflect the same premiums. But during an injury on the job you might be held responsible if the person you hire does not have workers compensation that covers the roofers. This is not meant to scare you but more to educate you, and we want make sure they you understand why a roofing contractor who has all these insurance is in place will be a higher-priced.

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Spring Roofing In MaineDavid Deschaine roofing and siding is a well-known contractor here in southern Maine, and when we install new roofs we make sure that only the best materials are used in all of our installations. We have visited the manufacturing plant at CertainTeed, and we have gone over the best methods in our training sessions, with our installers to ensure the highest quality installation methods possible to our customers. Roofing in the Portland Maine area in the springtime is some of the best working whether you could asphalt along the coast of Maine. We are located in South Portland Maine, and I main office handles all of the greater Portland area. If you need your roof replaced and you live in Scarborough, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Windham, Kennebunkport or any of these areas in southern Maine we will take care of everything for you, schedule a free in-home estimate and show you the best roofing products for your home…. Click On The Free Estimate Form Below

Roofing In Maine Wiith David DeschaineYour Home Is Going To Have The Best Roof In The Neighborhood

Work with a company you can trust for to make sure that you get the quality service you want, but most importantly you deserve. Your home is your largest investment, and don’t take a chance with some fly-by-night operation, or a new roofing contractor who might have limited experience in the industry. We will take care of everything from start to finish, and Spring Roofing In Maine with Dave Deschaine is your best choice so call us today or you can scheduled appointment on our website 24 hours a day.

Spring Roofing In Maine - Dave Deschaine

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