Waterfront Roofing In Maine

Waterfront roofing in Maine can be a challenge for smaller less experience roof crews, and as a homeowner I would strongly recommend choosing a professional who has experienced with thousands of homes especially along the coast of Maine. Our crews are some of finest craftsmen you will find anywhere in southern Maine. Typically when we get a call to look at a roof that is on the coast we will find many issues with heavy wood damage from the leakage that happens because of the strong winds surge, and water they get splashed up onto waterfront homes.

Waterfront Roofing In Maine - David Deschaine CampRoof Estimate Waterfront Roofing In Maine

We use some very strong wind resistant roofing shingles which can stand up to 130 miles an hour, and even with the properties along the coast roofing in Falmouth, roofing in Cumberland , roofing in Yarmouth have always been some the areas homeowners need our expertise. We do have people standing by during windstorms and hurricanes just to make sure that homeowners need us we are there to help any way we can, and we do allot of camp roofs in Windham like in this photo.

Many times we find some of the blow-offs of roofing shingles could have been avoided by using more nails to hold the shingles to the roof deck. for some reason other roofing companies choose to skip mail the roofing shingles, and why they do this I have no idea or maybe they think saving $20 of $30 per case of roofing nails is to make that big of a difference. well then again that’s why they’re the lowest price, and homeowners understand when you pay a cheaper price you not to get the high quality installation that you will get with David Deschaine roofing company.

Protecting Your Waterfront Roofing In Maine

We do a lot of Waterfront Roofing In Maine and our qualified installers always use extra roofing nails sometimes a you six and eight nails per shingle to make sure the shingles you stay on the roof. All of our roofers have passed the master shingle applicator course if you’re installing roofs for our company. Yes the best way to get somebody to do a quality job is to make sure they have been trained, or experienced in that industry. Once you make a phone call to us we will send an experienced salesperson always talk with you, and this person is well trained in product selection and roof installations.

Roofing Maine With Dave DeschaineRoofing Maine With Dave Deschaine

During heavy wind and rain Certainteed roofing products stand the test of time, and with so many other inferior products out there we always use high-quality products which has helped us earn a very strong reputation in the community, and what that means to us is you are going to get the best roof possible. Your time is valuable and we understand that, and once we set a time to meet with you and your significant other will do everything in our power to make sure the appointment that has been scheduled is done quickly, with a comprehensive analysis of the existing shingles, plus go over product presentation to show you what shingles will perform for your home on your Waterfront Roofing In Maine.

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